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Smart video is an extremely effective way to dynamically enhance your brand, increase customer satisfaction, or stimulate customer behavior. The power of smart video lies in its seamless alignment with your customer needs. By combining a well-thought-out strategy and a data-driven approach, you will measurably maximize the impact and results of your video marketing efforts.

Customer satisfaction & loyalty

More satisfied customers & less outflow? With smart video you can achieve measurable results

Increase conversion

Increase your conversion, stimulate up- and cross-sell and increase customer worth with smart video

Employer branding & communication

Strengthen your brand and improve your internal communication with targeted smart videos

Personalization & smart video

Stimulate desired behaviors and strengthen customer relations with personalized smart videos

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video platform

Achieve demonstrably better results with PingVP: The video platform that makes your videos smart. Increase your ROI by gaining more clicks, more viewers and more possibilities, such as interactivity and personalization.



Is PingVP the engine for your successful video strategy?

Our solutions

For every objective, we have a solution that fits your needs. Thanks to our experience and insight from thousands of online videos and campaigns, we know exactly what works for you and what doesn’t.

Personalized video

We create unique, dynamic, and personalized videos where the message for your customer is always relevant and unique. Including benchmark guarantee.

Interactive video

We empower your customer with interactive video, allowing them to choose their own path and take direct action with interactive call-to-actions, guiding them through your customer journey. Read more

Ping Video Platform

PingVP provides the perfect foundation for smart video. The platform offers everything your organization needs to make every video a success.

Video Marketing

Video deserves a strategic place in your marketing mix. We help you effectively utilize video to achieve your marketing objectives, providing both advice and tangible results.

Explainers and instructional videos

Guide your customers or employees effectively through your processes with clear and simple interactive explainer and instructional videos, leading to greater customer satisfaction and fewer inquiries.

Workforce communication

We optimize and enrich your employee journey with video, from recruitment to onboarding, and if necessary, offboarding employees.

Our 360° approach

To achieve your goals, we follow a fixed and proven approach. This ensures an efficient and clear workflow with defined timelines and expectations.

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