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At Ping, we are focused on the target. As a market leader in smart video, we understand that every marketing challenge is unique, and we always have the tailor-made solution that fits. Our experience speaks for itself: thousands of videos and campaigns have taught us what works and what doesn’t.

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Solutions that work:
smart data driven videos

We don’t just make video; we deliver results with smart, data-driven interactive, personalized, and dynamic smart video. Whether it’s an interactive explainer video or a complete high-end smart video production. Our in-house studio, our innovative video platform PingVP, and our unique insights into current statistics from thousands of online video campaigns are the tools with which we effectively bring your message to life. For us, it’s all about achieving the maximum result: more viewers, more conversions, longer viewing times, and more interaction. Your success is our goal. Thanks to our knowledge and insights, we are the only agency in the Netherlands to guarantee results.

Personalized video

Personalized video is incredibly powerful. Ensure maximum results by offering your customers a tailored solution: No noise on the line, no unnecessary information, just a sleek and always relevant message for every viewer. Because everyone is unique. And you can see that reflected n the numbers: Personalized video content has the highest open rate, the longest viewing time, and the best click-through rate you've ever seen with video.

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  • More impactful message
  • Higher ROI
  • More results

Interactive video

See. Click. Do. Buy. That's the proven formula behind the success of interactive video. With interactive video, you give your customers control in the customer journey of your product or service. They choose what they want to see and where they want to click through to. This directly leads to more engagement, longer viewing times, and demonstrably higher conversion rates.

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  • Increased engagement
  • Longer viewing time
  • Higher conversion

E-learning video

With personalized e-learning videos from Ping, you provide employees with a personal and especially interactive learning path, without needing to schedule them for hours or plan classrooms and trainers, and without having to invest in a Learning Management System (LMS).

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  • Better learning outcomes
  • Lower costs
  • Interactive learning path


Do you want more leads, more traffic, more awareness, or just more brand recognition? We help you with a strong concept, including the production and realization of your video, to reach and convince your target audience online. This can be done in collaboration with your media agency or with one of the media agencies we work with. Convenient, isn’t it? You can come to us for your entire online video campaign, from idea to results.

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  • Increased awareness
  • More leads
  • More traffic


The importance of a strong and consistent translation of your branding into online video is often underestimated by content creators. A missed opportunity, because a good video brand style helps you to better shape your brand image and the feeling your brand evokes. It ensures recognition among the target audience, inspires trust, and leads to more revenue and return on investment in the long term. That's why the brand builders at Ping are happy to assist you in developing and translating your brand style into a robust video brand style.

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  • More professional appearance
  • Better recognition
  • Increased ROI

Training & instruction

Turn your customer or employee into a better user of your service or product with Ping's smart training and instruction videos. This will demonstrably lead to more satisfied users and fewer questions! Step by step, we help your target audience gain more knowledge and skills in the most accessible way possible, encourage self-care, and boost your customer satisfaction scores!

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  • Less customer questions
  • More self-care
  • Higher customer satisfaction

Smart Video platform

PingVP is Ping's proprietary video platform. Here, you upload, stream, and manage your organization's videos, retaining full control over your content. Thanks to its award-winning technology, PingVP offers endless possibilities for dynamic, personalized, and interactive videos.

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  • Interactive video
  • Personalized video
  • Full control

Next level
video platform

Achieve demonstrably better results with PingVP: The video platform that makes your videos smart. Increase your ROI by getting more clicks, more viewers, and more options, such as interactivity and personalization.


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