About us

Who are we?

We are Ping, and we have more than 15 years of experience in creating interactive, personalized, and dynamic videos. We have won awards for developing our unique video technology. By combining a creative approach with a data-driven strategy, we help your organization achieve measurable goals.

Strong brands

Ping works with strong brands. It’s essential that when we collaborate, you have the ambition to take your customer experience to the highest level.


Your organization aims for the top, and you expect nothing less from a partner. This way, we strengthen each other and together we will achieve your marketing goals.

Our vision on content

Video has the power to move people. We do everything in our power to harness that power for you. With content that stands out, engages viewers, and gets them moving. Content that helps them answer questions, better understand your product or service, and discover new products.

Reliable Partner

What sets Ping apart is the combination of development and creativity we bring to the table. In our company, we have all the talent needed to create strong videos: strategists, directors, creatives, editors, animators, and more. Additionally, we can create videos in all styles, forms, and types. The proof? The biggest brands in the Netherlands have been loyal customers for years.

These brands preceded you:

Unique video platform

PingVP is Ping’s own video platform. Thanks to its innovative technology, it serves as the perfect foundation for smart videos. The platform has everything your organization needs to make every video a success: a branded player, extensive statistics, and a privacy-safe design. And of course, the technology to make videos interactive and personalized.

The Ping Forest


Corporate social responsibility


With our work, we want to make the world a little more beautiful. Not only by creating beautiful videos but also by being environmentally friendly. That’s why we make our video productions as carbon-neutral as possible. We don’t plant trees after the fact for our productions; we already have a forest. We proactively offset our carbon emissions. And for each production, we allocate the number of trees needed to make the production climate-neutral.


Additionally, we strive to collaborate with local partners as much as possible, and we travel by train whenever possible.


We have been awarded the bronze medal by EcoVadis, recognizing our position in the top 35% across environmental, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement.

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