More and more engaged customers?


Personalization leads to more engaged customers. However, we also know that it can be challenging to achieve this on a large scale. Ping’s smart video enables large-scale and automated personalization, with a unique message for each customer. This not only results in more engaged customers but also up to 3 times more viewers and clicks than regular online videos.


What makes smart video so effective?

By enriching your customer journey with smart video, you help customers better understand your product, answer questions before they are asked, and improve the perception they have of your organization. This leads to more satisfied and therefore more loyal customers and an optimal customer life cycle. With Ping’s smart video, you integrate all your customer data with dynamic video content, automating your communication tailored to the profile of the individual viewer, resulting in more viewers, better watch times, and more clicks.

What can you expect on average?

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Takes the next step in your funnel


ping driehoek branding
ping driehoek branding

Increase engagement in your campaigns with interactive video. Let your customer choose their own path through the video and take direct next steps in your funnel.

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Make it personal and relevant. Remove unnecessary noise from your customer communication with personalized video.

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Using interactive and personalized video? It all starts with PingVP.

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Time for an introduction?

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This is how Vattenfall does it

Vattenfall’s customers receive an interactive test in a smart video. After answering five questions, customers receive customized saving tips, leading them to a comprehensive personalized savings program.

Personalization enriches the customer journey

Every touchpoint is an opportunity to provide a unique experience. Use personalized videos to welcome new customers, encourage the use of your service or product, and create more satisfied users while retaining existing customers with tailored offers.

Ping offers strategic advice for maximizing ROI with personalization at key moments of the customer journey. With over 15 years of experience and data from our Ping Video platform, we identify the moments that benefit the most from a personal approach.

Other goals

Branding & awareness

Increase brand awareness and branding for your organization.

Conversion optimization

Create valuable interaction and increase net conversion.

Improve internal communication

Optimize and enrich your employer journey.

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