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Customer satisfaction is no longer a luxury but a necessity for any brand taking itself seriously. Satisfied customers form the backbone of every successful business. A satisfied customer is a loyal customer, an ambassador who values your brand and recommends it to others.  With smart video, you enrich your customer communication and have a tool at hand that truly contributes to a higher NPS.


What makes smart video so effective?

By enriching your customer journey with smart video, you help customers understand your product better, answer questions before they’re asked, and improve the perception they have of your organization. This leads to more satisfied and thus more loyal customers and an optimized customer life cycle.

What can you expect on average?

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Less churn
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Less customer questions


ping driehoek branding
ping driehoek branding

Encourage self-care and guide your customer interactively through all your processes.

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Welcome your customer with a personal and interactive warm welcome video.

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Utilizing interactive and personalized videos? It all starts with PingVP.

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This is how
PostNL does it

Customers of PostNL receive a smart video on their MyPostNL account’s birthday, which helps them make even better use of PostNL’s services. More than 80% of recipients report being satisfied or more than satisfied with the smart video.

Enriching the Customer Journey

A pleasant customer journey is essential for an optimal customer experience. Video helps to enrich the customer journey. Use personalized videos to give your new customers a warm welcome, increase product satisfaction with interactive instructional videos, or surprise existing customers with a personalized offer to retain them.

Ping will happily advise you on the points in the customer journey where video provides you with an optimal ROI. With over 15 years of experience, thousands of produced videos, and valuable data from our own Ping Video platform, we know exactly where the sweet spots for video are within the customer life cycle.

Other goals

Branding & awareness

Increase brand awareness and branding for your organization.

Conversion optimization

Create valuable interaction and increase net conversion.

Personalization & smart video

Increase your ROI with interactive and personal video.

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