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In the dynamic world of HR marketing, it’s crucial to not only communicate strongly internally but also to build an attractive employer brand and attract and retain top talent. Smart video bridges the gap between your company culture and the expectations of current and future employees.

Attracting talent

Tell your company's unique story with engaging recruitment videos that capture the essence of your brand and persuade candidates.

Enhancing employer branding

Show what you offer as an employer and differentiate yourself within the market by displaying your values and culture in an authentic way.

Automated pre-selection

Use interactive video and gamification to screen candidates for suitability.

Streamlining on- and offboarding

Ensure a smooth transition for new employees with onboarding videos that welcome and inform them. And provide support during offboarding with respectful and clear communication.

By enriching all phases of the employer journey with smart video, you create a consistent experience that increases employee satisfaction and engagement, while strengthening your position as the preferred employer.


What makes smart video so effective?

With smart video, you ensure a unique and personalized message. Which results in effective and efficient communication with both future and existing employees. Consider, using video during the onboarding process of new employees, so they can get acquainted with your organization’s mission and vision. Furthermore, video can be used to keep your employees informed about developments and easily introduce them to new software or apps, giving their usage an immediate boost.

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ping driehoek branding

Increase engagement in your campaigns with interactive video. Let your customer determine which USPs are relevant and learn from it.

Train your employees through interactive video training to give them control over their own learning process.

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Offer your customer a relevant and personalized deal based on their own customer profile with a dynamic and personalized smart video.

Offer your employees a warm and personalized welcome based on their role.

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Interactive and personalized e-learning videos offer numerous benefits for organizations looking to enhance their training and education programs.

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Want to make use of interactive and personalized video? It all starts with PingVP.

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This is how CBS does it

New employees receive an engaging, interactive welcome video via email, clearly explaining the organization’s vision, objectives, and structure. This personal approach ensures a well-informed start.

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Optimizing internal communication?

What changes are happening in the collective labor agreement? What salary will I receive next year? How does our company’s new app work? These are all questions your employees may have. What if you could answer all these questions at once? Clearly, informally, and effectively. With video, you can make it happen.

Interactive video is ideal for explaining complex topics in a simple way. It’s quick to consume, easy to understand, and well-remembered. By using video in your internal communication, you create better and happier employees.

Other goals

Branding & awareness

Increase brand awareness and branding for your organization.

Increase conversion

Create valuable interaction and increase net conversion.

Personalization & smart video

Increase your ROI with interactive and personal video.

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