Higher customer and brand loyalty?


Smart video offers you an innovative and effective way to strengthen brand awareness and branding of your organization, specifically targeting your existing customer base. 


What makes smart video so effective?

By creating customized, interactive, and personalized video content, you connect with your customers on a more personal level. Existing customers, who already have some affinity with your brand, become even more engaged through these smart videos, turning them into brand ambassadors. With smart video, you enhance the brand experience in a fun and interactive way, keeping your brand top-of-mind and setting it apart from the competition. The result? Strengthened brand awareness, increased loyalty, and a brand that is not only recognized but also remembered and recommended.

What averages can you expect?

Engagement on smart video
0 %
Thumbs up
0 %
Video CTR
0 %


ping driehoek branding
ping driehoek branding

Increase engagement in your campaigns with interactive video. Let your customer determine which USPs are relevant and learn from it.

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Make your campaign personal and relevant with personalized video.

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Looking to implement interactive and personalized video? It all starts with PingVP.

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Time for an introduction?

Do you want to learn more about how smart video can lead to a higher ROI and more effective marketing campaigns?


This is how GrandVision does it.

Customers receive a unique interactive welcome video introducing the new brand name and brand promise. This smart video not only provides a personalized offer but also interactive buttons to view the latest collection or schedule a store appointment directly.

Other goals

Conversion optimization

Create valuable interaction and increase net conversion.

Improve internal communication

Optimize and enhance your employer journey.

Increase retention

Boost customer retention and reduce churn with smart video.

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