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Interactive and personalized e-learning videos offer numerous benefits for organizations looking to enhance their training and education programs.

The result?

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The result?

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This is how e-learning video's work​

With personalized e-learning videos from Ping, you provide employees with a personal and interactive learning path, without having to schedule them for hours or plan classrooms and trainers, or invest in a Learning Management System (LMS).

Why interactive e-learning videos?

The power of video lies in the modality effect: information shared in video format is better retained and remembered longer than text. Our interactive e-learning videos enhance engagement and performance through interactive elements and gamification, enriching the learning experience.

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Understanding learning behavior without an LMS

Ping’s e-learning videos can be integrated into existing LMS, but this is not required. Our platform provides deep insights into employee performance and progress.

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Privacy by design

The PingVP platform is designed so that employees’ personal data never leaves your organization’s digital infrastructure. We use anonymized linkage IDs that are decrypted in your own systems and only then linked to employees.

Learning and training anytime, anywhere

Our personalized e-learning videos are accessible on any device, at any time, seamlessly integrating learning into daily routines. This provides employees with a flexible learning journey.

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Whether you want to convert existing course materials or develop a complete course, we take care of everything for you.
For the development of a complete training course, we collaborate with educational experts. They will work together with our creatives and interactive video specialists to develop your learning path.

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