Interactive video

Increase engagement and conversion with interactive video by giving customers control and encouraging active participation in their customer journey. This not only improves viewing times but also provides deeper insights into customer needs. Take your marketing strategy to the next level.

The effect?

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The effect?

How interactive video works

From serious gaming to shoppable video, from step-by-step instruction to personalized viewing routes: Whether you want to entertain, inform, engage, or sell, interactive video is the perfect tool to convey your message in an engaging and impactful way.

With our in-house developed interactive video technology, we offer you the opportunity to add all imaginable interactions to your videos.


This is how
Vattenfall does it

Customers of Vattenfall receive an interactive test in a smart video. After answering five questions, customers receive customized saving tips, leading them to a comprehensive personalized savings program.

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Interactive video works!

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Interactive video not only ensures direct engagement from your viewer, but it also keeps your target audience watching longer. This is evident from the statistics of our own video platform, PingVP.

Even more interesting: If you use interactive video to achieve your marketing objectives, such as increasing app downloads or achieving more cross- and upsells, we guarantee a conversion of 13%.

And if your video falls short of a conversion rate that is lower? Then we will adjust your video for free until you do achieve that conversion. We call this the benchmark guarantee.

Watch = Click = Buy

The proven formula behind interactive video

Our 360° approach

To enrich your customer journey with interactive video, we always start by going through your customer process ourselves. So, we become a customer and purchase your service or product and try it out ourselves. Based on this experience and your objectives, you will receive an honest advice from us: Does interactive video add value to your customer journey, and if so, where? And what results can you expect?

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Next level
video platform

To enable interactive video, we use our own video platform, PingVP. This platform offers brands endless interaction and personalization possibilities.


Andere oplossingen

Interactive instruction video

We help your customer successfully navigate through all your processes with effective explanation and instruction videos.

Personalized video

Make your video personal and get an average of 3 times more viewers, 3 times more clicks, and much more engagement. Increase your ROI today.

Ping Video Platform

Easily make all your videos interactive, dynamic, and personal with the number 1 smart video platform in the Netherlands.

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