Our 360o approach

At Ping, we combine experience in video and animation production with smart video technology and data. Our unique blend of knowledge and technology sets us apart.

To efficiently and effectively achieve your goals, we have developed our own workflow. In this process, we aim to relieve you, the client, of as much burden as possible, while simultaneously maximizing the benefs of a results-oriented and data-driven approach.

We begin every collaboration with clear objectives and benchmarks. Our team, proven methods, and extensive experience then ensure that you reach your goals.

Video strategy & data analysis

The first step is always establish a strategy. We start with your objectives. Do you want to increase online sales, or improve customer satisfaction and your NPS score? Your goal is always our basis and starting point. We then develop a strategy to achieve that goal. We review available data for use in your smart video campaign and determine which customer data will contribute to achieving your objectives. Based on this, we provide advice: what type of smart video and what data will provide you with the best return on investment, at which steps of the customer journey, and how to optimize this?

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Concept & creation

Once the strategy is set, it's time to get creative. Our team develops a concept that aligns with your objectives. We develop this concept in the form of a (animated) storyboard. Our copywriters also work on the script. We present this concept to you, so that together we come to a final version that fits your branding and target audience.

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Then the video production starts. For some videos, we create animations, for others, we record it in our studio or at a location of your choice. We do this with our team of creators or in collaboration with your organization's media team. Do you want to use a presenter or voice-over in the video? We also have an extensive network of talents for this, so that we can find a suitable presentation or voice for every type of video.


Is the video ready? Then it's time to show it to the public. Our own video platform PingVP is the best basis for success. PingVP is reliable, privacy-safe, and fully tailored to your organization. This way, you have full control over the distribution of your video. Of course, we can also distribute the video on social media. Here too, we ensure that everything is perfect down to the last pixel, so that your viewers get the best experience. After launch, we closely monitor performance.

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Even when the video is ready, we never are. At Ping, we continuously strive to do better. More viewers. More clicks. More conversions. So that we meet the benchmark we agreed upon, and preferably exceed it. Thanks to PingVP, we have detailed insights into the figures of all the videos we make. We use this information to further improve results. This way, we keep raising the benchmark a little higher. With higher open rates, longer viewing ranges, and more opportunities to achieve your goals.

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We are your Full-Service Video Partner!

At Ping, we bring your vision to life from the initial concept to the launch of your production. Our multidisciplinary team of strategists, data specialists, filmmakers, animators, editors, developers, and creative directors actively collaborate to achieve your objectives.

Our size and specialized expertise enable us to always deliver quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re looking for a simple but effective interactive animation or an extensive high-end video production, we have the skills, technology, and dedication to create it. Moreover, we continually monitor the performance of your campaign, even after publication.

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