More conversion with smart video


Are you a marketeer looking to increase conversion rates and customer value? Discover the power of smart video. Create direct, personalized interaction and stimulate cross- or upsell with every click.


What makes smart video so effective?

Smart videos turn viewers into action-takers. With clickable call-to-actions within the video, you keep customer engagement high and smoothly guide customers through the sales funnel. The result? A higher order completion rate.

What can you expect on average?

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Open rate
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Completion rate
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Takes the next step in the funnel


ping driehoek branding
ping driehoek branding

Inform and excite your customers about your services and products with interactive cross- and upsell videos.

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Offer your customer a relevant and personalized offer based on their own customer profile with a dynamic and personalized smart video.

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Looking to implement interactive and personalized video? It all starts with PingVP.

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This is how NHL Stenden does it

NHL Stenden University approaches prospective students with a personalized and interactive video that vividly portrays a typical day on campus. 

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Increase your customer retention and reduce churn with smart video

Video deserves a strategic place in your marketing mix. At Ping, we help you convince your online audience. We do this by turning creative ideas into video content that creates awareness for your brand and generates concrete leads. With strong triggers that encourage viewers to watch the video to the end. And then take action.

Strengthen your brand and convert leads with Ping's complete video campaign approach, from concept to realization.

Other goals

Increase customer satisfaction

Ensure more and more satisfied customers.


Make it relevant and personal with smart video.

Branding & awareness

Increase brand awareness and branding of your organization.

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Utilize smart video to grow your organization.
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