Personalized video

Boost your marketing strategy with personalized and dynamic videos. Reach customers in a unique way and create an unprecedented level of engagement and impact. With personalized video, tailor your message directly to the individual needs and preferences of your customers. Surprise, acknowledge, and inspire your target audience.

The result?

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The result?

How personalized video works

At Ping, we employ a unique approach for personalized and dynamic video, where you retain complete control over your customer data and enjoy maximum privacy protection. Our approach, rewarded with a Dutch Interactive Award, is 100% privacy by design. Personal customer information is not part of the video itself but is displayed in an interactive layer over the video. We dynamically load this data from your CRM system, so videos are not generated separately for each viewer. This saves on streaming costs and prevents storage of personal data on our servers.


This is how PostNL does it

PostNL customers receive a smart video on their MijnPostNL account’s birthday, helping them to make even better use of PostNL’s services. More than 80% of recipients indicate being satisfied or very satisfied with the smart video.

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The Ping approach

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PostNL sends customers a personalized dynamic video when their MijnPostNL account is celebrating its birthday. The video not only shows the recipient’s city and street but also the number of packages the viewer has received in the past year. The video ends with a personalized and interactive call to action, providing tips based on the viewer’s own app usage to fully enjoy PostNL’s services. A significant majority of viewers indicate being satisfied or very satisfied with the video.

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Next level
video platform

To enable personalized, interactive, and dynamic videos, we use our in-house developed video platform, PingVP.

This award-winning platform offers endless video possibilities and is used by the largest brands in the Netherlands.


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Privacy by design

PingVP is built according to the privacy by design principle. This means that you can use personalized, interactive, and dynamic video without having to share your customer data with third parties. The platform is 100% cookieless. At the same time, you can register individual viewing behavior and act accordingly. Want to know more about this? Then contact us.

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Moving vorm
Moving vorm

With personalized dynamic video, you create a unique and relevant message for each viewer.

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Our 360° approach

Optimize your video strategy with our 360-degree approach for personalized and dynamic videos. Our team of personalized video specialists helps you develop detailed customer profiles and create relevant video content. From designing the video flow to implementing advanced personalization techniques, we support you at every step of the process.

Achieve unparalleled results for your marketing goals quickly and effectively with our holistic approach. Contact us today and discover how our 360-degree approach can help you achieve impressive results with personalized and dynamic videos.

Other solutions

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