Instruction video

You take good care of your customers, allowing them to take good care of themselves. You assist them, not one by one over the phone, but with interactive instructional videos. One video that addresses the questions of thousands of customers.

The effect?

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The effect?

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How instruction videos work

In an instructional video, your customer receives explanations on how a product or service works. But while one might be satisfied with a brief answer to a question, another might prefer a more in-depth explanation. With interactive explanatory videos, you give your customers control. They determine their own route and pace, ensuring that every second is relevant.


This is how KPN does it

KPN encourages self-installation and reduces customer inquiries by offering an interactive installation video.

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Achieve the benchmark

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At Ping, we have over 15 years of experience in producing, programming, and analyzing interactive videos. Thanks to the data from hundreds of interactive videos and millions of viewers, we can give you an indication of the results you can expect in advance. We even guarantee this. If we don’t meet the benchmark, we’ll optimize your production at our own expense. And even if we do achieve the goal, we’ll continue to monitor the results of your smart video production and make recommendations if we believe it can be improved further.

Good instruction videos lead to satisfied customers

Ping has helped various companies improve their NPS score by 10% or more.

Our 360° approach

To achieve your goals, we follow a fixed and proven approach. This ensures an efficient and clear process with clear timelines and expectations.

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Next level
video platform

Demonstrably achieve more results with endless video possibilities, personalization, and interactivity. A platform for your way of video.


Other solutions

Personalized Video

Make your video personal and get an average of 3x more viewers, 3x more clicks, and much more engagement. Increase your ROI today.

Interactive Video

Watch = click = buy! With interactive video, your customer can take the next step in your funnel directly. Leads to more conversion.


We develop your video campaigns for all platforms and every target audience. Including benchmark guarantee.

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