Video Branding

A consistent brand style ensures brand recognition. With good video branding, you build a professional image and instill trust with your target audience. At Ping, we help you establish a strong and recognizable video branding for your organization.

Het effect?

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The effect?

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Our approach

When building your video brand style, we start from your corporate identity. What already exists, and how do you translate this into workable video branding? Then, Ping’s creatives develop a brand guide. This contains guidelines and templates that you can apply yourself. By adding our knowledge about effective video to this, a video brand style that delivers results is created.


This is how ‘s Heeren Loo does it

How do you ensure that all your video materials, created by 17,000 employees across the Netherlands, are on brand?

Consistency is free, inconsistency costs you up to 23% in revenue.

Brand Automation with Ping Brand Studio

Many organizations struggle to align their video library with their brand. With Ping Brand Studio, you get a tool that automatically adds thumbnails, logos, and interactive end cards to existing and new videos. This ensures not only consistency with your brand style, but also creates more engagement with your online videos.

Changing your brand style? Then we can update all your videos to your new style in one fell swoop. Easy, right?

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Why videobranding?

The battle for attention on social media due to the enormous supply of online video is so fierce that many messages get lost. With a consistent video brand style, you ensure brand recognition and maximize ROI. 

Video Brand Style for Social Media

social media logos

In addition to branding for your own below-the-line communications, Ping also creates a specific guide for your video brand style on social media. Based on best practices, we establish guidelines that your social media team can immediately use. This way, you also maximize the potential of video on your social platforms.

Other solutions


We develop your video campaigns for all platforms and every target audience. Including benchmark guarantee.

Personalized Video

Make your video personal and get an average of 3x more viewers, 3x more clicks, and much more engagement. Increase your ROI today.

Interactive Video

Make all your videos easily interactive, dynamic, and personal with the number 1 smart video platform in the Netherlands.

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