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NHL Stenden




NHL Stenden


Increasing conversion from registration to enrollment


Personalized video, Interactive video




NHL Stenden Hogeschool aims to engage with students who have applied for a program to demonstrate their commitment to student success. By creating a positive impression of the university, they aim to encourage students to finalize their application by enrolling. The goal is for students to feel confident that they have made the right choice in their academic journey.


Personalized video

In the video, we showcase what your day would look like if you were to study at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences. From brainstorming sessions and lectures to enjoying a great cup of coffee at the school’s barista, and of course, some evening fun. You are guided by fellow students, walk through the school’s hallways, and join an engaging class.

We incorporate various styles and graphics to create a social media experience. Instagram posts, Snapchat filters, and teacher vlogs ensure that the visual language resonates with the target audience’s world. And if you look closely, you’ll notice that many of these elements are personalized.


Positive feedback

The research reveals a positive engagement and experience among the students, and the video metrics also confirm this. The open rate and the viewability score above the benchmark, at 79% and 78%, respectively, but the ultimate confirmation of the result was the click-through rate of 49%. This means that 49% of viewers clicked on the video’s buttons.

The results

Clicks to watch the video
0 %
Completes the video
0 %
Clicks a button in the video
0 %



“There is higher engagement, and the results show an increase in conversion. The video has made a difference in the student journey by enriching it with interactive and personalized content.”

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NHL Stenden
NHL keuze voor sport of festival in interactieve video

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Personalized video, Interactive video

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