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In the dynamic world of travel organizations, TUI is known as a pioneer constantly striving for improvements in their customers’ travel experience. One area where travelers have many questions is online check-in and seat reservation. The challenge: How do you ensure that customers are guided through this process in an accessible way?


Interactive and personal onboarding video

To inform travelers in a user-friendly way and stimulate self-care, a personalized, dynamic, and interactive smart video was chosen. Travelers receive the video via email. Together with TUI’s CX specialists, it was determined where and when in the customer journey is the best moment to inform travelers.

The video is hyper-personalized: The destination and any necessary visas, departure date, travel group – the smart video automatically adapts to these details. By presenting travel information tailored to the individual and adding interactive elements to the smart video, we ensure that the message is not only conveyed in an effective and user-friendly manner but also that the viewer can take the next steps in the customerjourney if desired.


Fewer customer inquiries, more self-care, and more satisfied travelers

The smart video production consists of a total of 85 dynamic variants, depending on the time until departure, the destination, and the travel group. In the variants where a viewer can take a direct next step in the customer journey, a significant portion of travelers does so. In scenarios where the primary goal is to inform customers, the viewing range is crucial. This is a key indicator of whether the content and the video itself are perceived as relevant and interesting by the viewer. The video performs exceptionally well on this parameter as well.

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In Ping hebben we een betrokken partner gevonden waarmee we onze geïntegreerde aanpak om reizigers te ontzorgen en onbezorgd te laten genieten van hun reis verder weten te optimaliseren. We zien een duidelijke meerwaarde in de oplossing die Ping biedt met smart video, eentje die bijdraagt aan onze bedrijfsdoelstellingen.

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Customer Services TUI
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Personalized video, Interactive video

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