Why be generic, if you can be personal? 

Personalized video is the next step in online video. That's why Ping Media - in collaboration with PingOnline - developed PingVP: A fully scalable online video platform with endless possibilities for personalized and interactive videos.

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Why personalize?

Personalized video helps corporations to take away pressure/cut costs on the helpdesk, by answering frequently asked questions in a personal matter. We can send your customers an animation-video that includes their invoice, explains the specific usage and even suggest the viewer a more suiting subscription based on their specific usage.

Not only will you save costs, you will also increase your sales. Personalized video will increase conversion, decrease calls and enables you to communicate with your audience based on geographic location, personalized data and also allows you to interact on a personal level! And it's safe too: The PingVP video platform allows our customers to share information with customers within their own server-enrvironment. This enables us to rule out any risk of losing your privacy sensitive customer data.

In order to achieve this, the player is working with a personal overlay which is placed over the video. Not only security issues are tackled this way, but it's also a very cost effective way of sharing personalized videos with your customers.

Ping VP is the video platform of the future: browser-independent, available on all devices, all around the world. It enables you to stream or send online video with broadcasting quality through one of the fastest streaming video platforms in the world (With a peak capacity of more than one million).

The benefits of PingVP? 

- Whether the video is being sent to 1000 or 1 million people, there are no extra costs (excluding hosting).

- Customer data will never leave your building, because it isn't stored on the video platform.

- Due to the interactive nature of the player, a direct call-to-action can be offered from within the video. 

- Clearly statistics offer a great tool to measure success.

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