Instructional videos

Help make your customers become better users of your products and services, by offering them a hands-on way to answer all their questions. Instructional videos allow you to give your customer elaborate insights that will make your product more user friendly and take away frustrations in a contemporary way of providing service. Click here to read more about Instructional videos.


Whether you need a huge blockbuster-like teaser or something more traditional like a tv spot, our talented staff of creative directors, writers and editors, as well as our motion graphics team and composers will help you generate the most effective and appropriate tv content. Click to read more about our promo videos. 


It's a term much often associated with Teleshopping, or with savvy TV-salesmen trying to persuade their audience to purchase a 'miracle blade filet knife' or an 'ab roller revolution'. But the creatives of Ping Media dusted off the term and embraced it as the perfect solution to attract an online audience. Want to know how? Click to find out.


We conceptualize and produce motivational communication campaigns for training your staff or changing the mindset of entire organizations. Our campaigns contain the complete package: from developing the concept to producing it. Click here to read more about our campaigns.

Personalized video
Why be generic, when you can be personal? 

Personalized video is the next big step in the future of online video. That's why Ping Media - in collaboration with PingOnline - developed PingVP: A fully scalable online video platform with endless possibilities for personalized and interactive videos. Interested? Personalize your own video, Try our demo or click here to read more about it!