Of course, you are there when your customers need you. But wouldn't it be better if your customers don't have any questions at all? If you pursue a flawless user experience, you take the questions away and you reduce customer service costs.

Ping Media creates content that answers customer questions in advance: clear installation videos or personalized content explaining complicated information like invoices, for example. Or an interactive video that helps your customers use your product and that guides them through your website or online environment. This leads to satisfied customers, less questions en lower costs.


At Ping Media we get many questions about reducing customer calls, from both big companies and small start-ups. What these companies have in common? They have products, systems or processes that raise a lot of questions with their customers. Together with our clients, we look at the cause of these questions. Then, we create smart content that quickly answers these questions and prevents any future questions.

Let customers take control: Today's customer prefers finding the answer themselves, rather than having to wait for the solution. With interactive instructions, you let the customer take control in finding the best solution to their problem.

Make it personal: Do you prefer a personalized offer or a general one? Do you want your own invoice explained, or a general one? With personalized video, you give every customer customized content.

Let customers know what they're in for: When your customers order something, they want to know when they can start using the product. Inform them visually about the steps of the process to prevent questions.

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