It's a question many companies can relate to: how do we make sure our customers stay? Churn - when a customer leaves - is one of the biggest challenges for companies today. Consumers are critical and have plenty of other options. Unfortunately, there isn't just one simple solution to this problem.

At Ping Media though, we do always have the same answer: keeping your customers starts with letting them become your customer! The clearer and more effective the first step of your customer journey, the higher the customer satisfaction throughout the whole journey. That's why we create effective video content for this first step, with a personalized onboarding video.


Want to lower the churn? Ping Media creates smart content to keep your customers happy, for every step in the customer journey.

1. Expectations
Customer satisfaction starts on day 1. Did a customer choose your brand? Always confirm that they made the right choice. Tell them what they can expect and why they made the right choice. Be clear: what's the delivery time, what will you do for your customer and what should they do themselves? How do you install the product? What can a customer do with your product?

With a personalized onboarding video, a customer knows exactly what they can expect in about 90 seconds. Or opt for an interactive video, in which customers can click through to their own personal page. These videos have proven to be successful, with a great opening rate, viewer time and click through rate.

2. A good explanation means a happy customer
A higher customer satisfaction is directly linked to a lower churn. Show your customer every option of your product or service. Not with complicated manuals, but by showing it with attractive video content. 

Like explanation videos for example, in which the customer can click through themselves. Or with serial content, to keep your customer attached. For example: when you buy an oven, a mailing with recipe videos is a lot more concrete and personal than a general manual of the oven. It's content like this that increases customer satisfaction.

3. Every question is an opportunity
Customer questions aren't negative. It's actually the opposite: customers who feel helped are thankful and satisfied. So make sure you have an answer to every question.

Research shows that customers prefer to look for the solution to their problem themselves. Optimalizing your online service is essential. You can do this by creating interactive FAQ's for example: a video roadmap that helps the customer find the answer quickly.

4. End of contract? Guide your customer
Does a contract end? You could hold your breath and hope the customer stays. Or you could, and should, guide your customer.

Ping Media specializes in personalized retention content: a video in their email inbox with a personalized offer based on their behaviour. This way, you effectively target the customer with a cheaper subscription or a certain mobile phone, for example. In an interactive video, the customer can click through and order right away: instant satisfaction both for you and the customer. In a video we created for one of our clients, no less than 41% of the viewers hit the 'order' button right away!

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