Moving content moves. More so than when you tell a story. It also boosts the traffic to your website in a big way: video pushes you up in Google's SEO ranking. Firstly because, according to search engines, video is very important to your clients. And secondly because customers stick around on your website longer when there's video. This too influences your SEO ranking.

When SEO ranking is not as important in your online strategy, you can use video in mailings to increase open rates and click through rates, or use online video to convice consumers and let them click through. Ping Media specializes in video content that generates more online traffic.


Our starting point for good content? Your goal. The video platform you use, should also fit your KPI's, or Key Performance Indicators. Do you want a big reach? Then a public platform like YouTube works for you. Video on YouTube increases your brand awareness and the trust in your product.

Do you want to increase traffic to your own website? Or some insight in the viewing and clicking behaviour of your audience? Then we can put our video content on your website through our own video platform called PingVP. This way the traffic goes to your website instead of YouTube. And another plus: this way, Ping Media can analyse every view and click on your website.

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