You sell a lot more than just your product or your service: you sell a customer experience. As an online service provider, customer experience is key in all your digital resources: from a promo on Facebook to an explanation video on your website.

Ping Media creates video content for every step in the customer journey and, together with our client, decides where video can contribute to an ideal customer journey. Together, we translate the story of your brand to a digital experience for your customers. Whether it's interactive sales content or a personalized birthday video: Ping Media creates content that moves people. 


The steps your customers go through - from orientation to the question of wanting to remain a customer - is filled with content in a mix of relevant media: social video, welcome mail, FAQ's and many more. Video is becoming a permanent part of that mix and with that, a part of the content strategy of many companies operating online. At Ping Media, we don't see video as loose content but as an enrichment of your pitch, sales funnel, after sales service and your online presence. This is where online video can offer added value:

An elevator pitch video shows not only the value of your proposition, but also the direct added value in customer experience. In a maximum of 90 seconds, you show your product and inform your future customers, in an accessible and sympathetic way that's proven to be effective. With a 'try or buy' button in your video the customer can click, choose and buy right away.

Post order
The subscription has been sold, the product has been ordered: the customer is in. What now? What can the customer expect? Give everyone a warm welcome, with digital information about the order, tips & tricks or a personalized welcome video.

Better use
Help your customer become a better user and increase customer experience. With sympathetic 'nice to know' videos you train your customers in using your product. Explain specific features and make customers happy about your product and your brand.

If a customer has a question, they prefer to find the answer themselves. Help your customer help themselves, with an interactive roadmap, explanation video or video FAQ for example. Let the customer be in contol and turn questions into a successful customer experience. On top of that, digital self-care reduces costs.

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