Our videos lead to conversion: content that convinces viewers to order a product right away. Online video that produces leads, and turns leads into customers.

Ping Media creates content that works. Above the line (ATL), with teasing campaigns on platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn or Instagram for example. And below the line (BTL) with videos on your own website, where viewers can see, feel, experience and order right away. From viewer to buyer in one simple click.


Do you have a strong proposition? We'd love to help you think of an idea to convince your target audience online. Ping Media creates campaigns for platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram. We create AND produce - this way our video content stands out from the daily crowd.

If you don't want any concerns about your campaign, we can take care of the entire campaign together with your, or our media agency: from idea to result. We specialize in:
Nice to knows (formats & series)

VIDEO WITH TRY-OR-BUY BUTTON: A conversion of up to 40%!

Of course, you want content that draws and keeps attention. Preferably, you also want your customers to have the option to buy your product or service right away. Ping Media specializes in interactive video, in which viewers can click. With a so-called 'try or buy' button, the viewer can go straight to your website, download an app or place an order. This has proven to be effective: in our interactive videos, an average of 8% of the viewers click through. In our personalized videos that number even runs up to over 40%!

Want to reach a higher conversion rate? We'd love to tell you more about it. Call us at +31 (0)33 4621 390, or contact us via this contact form.